Afternoon Session Day Two Images

Thank you to shed 10 for hosting such a fine show. There is a show catalogue that is well work the $25 price tag.

Downlight. Volker Albus. Conventional:switch below, light above. Different:switch above, light below.

Chair. DIM - Die Imaginare Manufaktur - Vogt and Weizenegger. Conventional:Cleaning with brstles, cleaning the sweat off ones brow. Different:decorating playfully with bristles.

Schlummerschlauch. Daniel Wanders. Conventional: couch-sunny and hot. Different: tube-shady and cool.

Floating Greens. Karen Olze and Gisa Wilkens. Conventional: herb garden. Different: herb window.

Wo bist du, Edison (Where are you Edison). Ingo Maurer. Conventional: real pear. Different: virtual pear.

Pension fur Design. Hans im Gluck and Lucky John. Conventional: Towel in a bag. Different: The towel is the bag


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