Morning Session Day One Part Two

After a deserved coffee break, our groups presented their first findings and two sentence central proposition. Each of the groups devised some interesting points of view which we see as following. Apologies for the lack of creativity for the group names.

Group A: Ben, Tamsin, Christine, Mark.
Definition: A label for that which is outside perception. A label of the mind rather than a real thing.

Hello we are group A

Group B: Jonathan L, Nikkel, Guy, Ruben.
Definition: The Antipodes are opposite to, and derived from an other. the Antipodes are defined by the  expanse between.

Hello we are group B

Group C: Jonathan C, Ratema, Nick, Alisha
Definition: A definition of opposites that requires a shared context between two elements. One foot in both camps.

Hello we are group C

Group D: James, Campbell, Marcel, Haley
Definition:  Unfamiliarities either drawing curiosity or indifference. Presenting a situation of adoption or rejection.

Hello we are group D

After a gradually warming discussion about the merits and challenges surrounding these definitions we broke for lunch. During that time the students were directed to further develop these ideas and to start to map ideas that could manifest from these statements.


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