First Day Introduction

This is a collaborative project with German product designer Kristin Sonnleitner. She is currently here at Unitec in Auckland thanks to the Semi-Permanent conference that was held on the 20th and 21st of August. Considering herself as an artist|designer (she stipulates it being a single word) Katrin is here to work with a limited  selection of students from the design department to produce a cross-discipline approach to a set brief.

The brief? One word. Antipodes.

Our first piece of fun (with the lecturers at least) is the pronunciation of the word. Firstly as two words, anti and podes (latin: meaning different feet), or with stress on the ‘tip’ to take a colonial point of view. We have had 16 students sign up to this workshop distributed between 3 path ways. Our student mix per group is:
2 Graphic Design Students
1 Product Design Student
1 Contemporary Craft Student

Still in our first morning session, our students are developing what their definition of Anti-pode | Antipode is, what it means, how they fit into within that matrix. First presentation is 12.00 this afternoon…


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Designer, lecturer, masters student, community coordinator for e-learning, father, sculptor, writer
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